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On these streets our feet danced in the morning

To the music of life, love and gongs

Raring to dream on with every dawning

Where the night sky sat spawning

Tales of our dreams at the behest of our songs

children gaza

Choirs of missiles drown our voices

Crushing our land, livestock and dreams

Into the silent abyss of trumped choices

Where the echo of destruction poises

In ambush for hope hanging by its seams

gaza man sitting in rubble

Oh Gaza you are stripped of your mothers

Leaving the land bare with blood, babies and rubble

Under the scorching sun that glazes the backs of your fathers

Scarred by the faces of your sisters and brothers

Never to be remembered in the generation nubble


Screams charge up against the invisible air dome of peace

Seen by the strikes of the world’s imagination, prediction and discussion

Rationing our breath and our fate in their loving squeeze   

Towards the border of madness at death’s breeze

Where Gaza shall be a mythical name of neglection

gaza-mother crying

In these skies our supplications rained down on sheets of fire

Whispered by the next debris, splinter and stench

Soothing the portent with penultimate desire

On Gaza’s strip where our hearts will retire

To sing with death in a peaceful trench

gaza razed
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