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Your name echoes through the silence of my heart

My life hollows at the sudden love apart

Is not love supposed to last forever tell me

How we got opposed in love together quickly

Claws of Love - Stanza 1

In my bosom beats pure memories of your love 

Flowing wholesome deep down the soul from above

With its sweet fragrance wafting steadily up high

How could such radiance shining readily bid bye

Claws of Love - Stanza 2

All that remains of you within me is me

Of the moments we were making us to be

But now that loving you transfigured my being

See how you leaving me disfigured our win

Claws of Love - Stanza 3

The pain brightens in the shadows of my soul

Where love frightens me with arrows set in coal

As the days unfold and you reappear so bright

Am I to behold our love disappear at night

Claws of Love - Stanza 4
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