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A day of mourning in the sullen breeze of helplessness

Israel bokheh Israel cries out

We were taken hostage by lawlessness

From a past built on facelessness

Which history once again writes with the hand of doubt   

Israel Bokheh Israel Cries - Stanza 1

Why did they take my little brother away?   

Why has daddy not arrived yet?

He would have stopped those men on that day

From hitting mummy that way

Until her head and the earth met

Israel Bokheh Israel Cries - Stanza 2

They say it is our fault that there is so much pain

They call us names that we do not recognize

Daddy is a farmer and mummy threshes the grain

So I asked Israel what we did wrong to gain

Tragedies befalling us with stares that demonize

Israel Bokheh Israel Cries - Stanza 3

Shalom Israel Shema every man

I can’t find my father and my mother is lying on the floor

If you find my little brother before I can

Give him his teddy bear he dropped when he was one

If he is still alive because we are no more

Israel Bokheh Israel Cries - Stanza 4

We are tired of building the dome of peace

On a foundation of scoffs and broken trust

Inherited from politicians and their promised lease

Of freedom from a war that was created to never cease

Israel bokheh Israel cries last

Israel Bokheh Israel Cries - Stanza 5
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