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Akuvi Aguedze is a Ghanaian protest writer, poet, and feminist. Protest writing refers to writings that highlight real sociopolitical concerns and express opposition to them. Her work focuses on advocating for women, children, and vulnerable people.

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Akuvi Aguedze - Role Models

In an interview with the poet, she expressed her desire to be like Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, a 16th-century Catholic nun who used plays and poetry to protest for women’s rights. Akuvi also admires Maya Angelo and Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie.

Juana Inés - watch on Netflix
Maya Angelou
chimamanda ngozi adichie
Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie

Works by Akuvi Aguedze

Some of her poems have been published in Tsoo Boi. Tsoo Boi is an anthology of protests from exhausted voices, a collection of short stories and poems against lousy leadership, poor infrastructure, prejudice, failed institutions, and homophobia.

Tsoo Boi

Books by Akuvi Aguedze

On March 8, 2022, Akuvi released her debut book, Of A Woman and Her Becoming. On March 8, 2024, she released her second book, If My Body Could Scream. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that both books, published two years apart, were launched on March 8th. March 8 has historically been marked as International Women’s Day. Launching her books on March 8 was the poet’s way of showing solidarity with all women, as her works deal with women’s issues.

Of A Woman And Her Becoming by Akuvi Aguedze
If My Body Could Scream by Akuvi Aguedze

Selected Poems from If My Body Could Scream

Enjoy two selected poems from If My Body Could Scream.


Sometimes the sunglasses become more

Than just a fashion accessory

A shield against societal stares

A covering to hide pain and suffering

A trusted companion

A better confidant

A protection not against the sun’s tares

But against prying eyes that seek to ask

“Who did this to you?”

A Peaceful Childhood

What is peace

To a child who’s never been wrongfully touched

Is it cheerfully and trustingly skipping

To the neighbors’ house across the street

Or happily, without caution

Accepting toffee from the man next door

Never having to worry about a potential plot

To have her pay back all they’ve given her

With her body

Or never having to deal with the battle

Of figuring out whether a man is evil or not

What is peace

To a child who’s never been wrongfully touched

Watch Interview

Akuvi not only writes but also performs poetry in the style of modern spoken word.

Watch our conversation to learn more about Akuvi Aguedze.

For copies of If My Body Could Scream and Of Becoming A Woman, contact the author via WhatsApp or email.

Play Video about If My Body Could Scream - An Interview With The Poet Akuvi Aguedze - Peter's Box

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