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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Jeremy Quainoo. Head over to his YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button. Here’s why.

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Who is Jeremy Quainoo?

Jeremy Quainoo is an established banking and fintech executive with over a decade of experience managing financial services sector products, initiatives, and partnerships. He is a global fintech expert. He has received recognition for his efforts at Fidelity Bank and his outstanding ingenuity. Jeremy is an expert in digital finance, agile and scrum project management, product development, and executive-level partner interactions. He has contributed significantly to the fintech community.

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At the Ghana Fintech Awards 2022, Jeremy was nominated and declared a finalist for Fintech Personality of the Year. Jeremy is the Head of Africa Partnerships and Operations Director of JUMO, a renowned financial institution with approximately GHS 300 million in capital.

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Fintech with Jeremy Quainoo

I had a conversation with Jeremy about the fintech industry. He gave me a crash course on the subject of fintech. Fintech is a term that refers to the integration of finance and technology. Healthtech is an integration of healthcare and technology, much as edutech is a combination of education and technology. But why the link with technology?

In an interview with Jeremy, he mentioned that industries leverage technology to eliminate inefficiencies in their processes. MTN Mobile Money, Zeepay, and Hubtel are examples of fintech businesses in Ghana. Fintechs that are well-known around the world include PayPal, Apple Pay, Ants Financial Group, and Stripe.

Watch our interview here to learn more about fintech.

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