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Elizabeth “Zionita” Ofori is the author of Concentric Circles, a memoir of hope, grit, healing, and self-discovery. Mathematically speaking, concentric circles are circles that share a common centre, much like the ripples that form in water when a stone is thrown in it.

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Why Concentric Circles?

In an exclusive interview with the author, Elizabeth said that at a workshop she attended, participants were tasked with using an image to describe their lives. She quickly imagined concentric circles. She explained how each stage of life is symbolised by different-sized circles that are all connected at the centre. We do not see the bigger picture at first, but as life develops, we see it.

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30 rich nuggets in Concentric Circles

In her Concentric Circles, Zionita shares thirty rich life lessons, a chapter for each lesson. Her thirty concentric circles. Each chapter starts with a nugget and concludes with an exhortative summary. This is what sets Zionita’s memoir apart. It is relatable. Though most of the author’s friends and acquaintances believe she has a cheery personality, this has not always been the case. Certain concentric circles in her life would leave you clutching at your heart for hope. Others for healing. Some for resilience. And ultimately, the zeal for self-discovery and freedom.

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People can make or unmake you

Zionita is not the only subject of Concentric Circles. It is about everyone who has had an impact on her life, both positive and negative. A reminder that your network is your net worth. Notwithstanding the chaos and turbulence life brings, the author writes with hope. She writes with strokes of poignant emotion, dictated by the realities of life under the African sun. You can’t help but groan along with the author’s visceral words and the fights fought in the author’s mind to overcome family struggles and abuse, financial droughts, and emotional battles

Project Fierce & Awesome

She waged emotional fights within herself as well as with family, friends, work, and life for the goal of self-discovery and self-actualization. Nonetheless, the author recognises the value of human relationships, particularly those that propel you to greater heights. As the saying goes, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The author made lemonade out of the lemons life threw at her. Her experiences and tenacity have resulted in the creation of Project Fierce & Awesome, a humanitarian project. Project Fierce & Awesome grants funding to disadvantaged young African women and girls who want to better themselves via trade, skills training, or higher education.

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Get a copy of Concentric Circles

Concentric Circles is a must-read!

For copies or information about the book, contact the author, Elizabeth Ofori, at [email protected].

Click here to watch an exclusive interview with the author of Concentric Circles.

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