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I would never wish for anyone to go through what Juliana endured. Juliana would definitely agree. I can’t even begin to fathom what Juliana endured in her body. Juliana’s narrative would have been a lot more palatable if it had just been made up. Perhaps that would have led me to dismiss it as fiction until I reached the final page of her book, A Romance With Chronic Pain.

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A Romance With Chronic Pain?

A Romance With Chronic Pain? Isn’t it a rather bittersweet title for a book? The title is as captivating as the words in the book. You can’t help but be enraged at the unrelenting, sadistic, and evasive pain that won’t yield when Juliana moves the heavens and earth to divorce herself from chronic pain.

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A Survivor's Memoir

The book, a survivor’s narrative, details the day-to-day musings and itinerary of a victim of chronic pain. I thought I knew what chronic pain was, but after reading the book, I have a clear understanding of how it must feel. Ravaging, unforgiving, abusive, persistent, dangerous, depressive, overbearing, uninvited, destructive, limiting, selfish, compulsive, rapacious, intense, evasive, lethal, sadistic, and jealous!

The Effects of A Romance With Chronic Pain

As a survivor’s narrative, however, one must anticipate success in the end. I lost count of how many different treatments Juliana tried before finding the one that broke her free from the voracious chronic pain that had invaded her body. Victory did not arrive on a silver platter. Juliana Ama Kplorfia’s chronic pain cost her money, time to appreciate the moment and create memories, calm, and relationships.

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An Interview with the Author

Do you know there are some things you cannot say to people dealing with chronic pain? You might believe it’s harmless to say such things, but to someone suffering from chronic pain, it’s demeaning. In an interview with the author, Juliana revealed some hurtful remarks that individuals unkowingly make to those suffering from chronic pain. Click here to watch an interview with the author of A Romance With Chronic Pain.

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Purchase a copy of A Romace With Chronic Pain

You would want to purchase a copy of A Romance With Chronic Pain. If you know anyone dealing with chronic pain, gift them a copy of the book. They would be eternally grateful to you.

Interview with the author of Concentric Circles

Elizabeth “Zionita” Ofori is the author of Concentric Circles, a memoir of hope, grit, healing, and self-discovery. In an exclusive interview with the author, Elizabeth said that at a workshop she attended, participants were tasked with using an image to describe their lives. She quickly imagined concentric circles. She explained how each stage of life is symbolised by different-sized circles that are all connected at the centre. We do not see the bigger picture at first, but as life develops, we see it.

To watch the full interview, click here.

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