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Take some few minutes to read Part 2 of Comprehensive Sexual Ignorance. Today’s post is a continuation of part 2. It is recommended to read that before beginning Part 3 in today’s post.

Sex toys and sex myths

This school of thought is a ludicrous farce that ironically reveals our irrational fear of evolution. You know, if we adhered to what is inherently natural, we would have to go back to the time of the cavemen. Walk instead of taking a car. Don’t take an airplane. It’s not natural. Use your legs to go from one place to another! Not a vehicle. The naturalistic fallacy is the name for this argument.

Similar to automobiles, sex toys enhance the sexual experience. But for those who want to experience the pleasures to the fullest, sex toys are not only helpful but also necessary. With sex toys, it is easier to stimulate certain parts of the body. For individuals who dread sex toys, there is a deep-seated uneasiness. It’s about feeling inadequate or intimidated, which means that the efficacy of sex toys diminishes their sexual prowess. This inadequacy either inspires disgust or pure jealousy. Let’s deal with this, then. There are two ways to approach this. The first step is to recognize that sex is not solely for your pleasure. Your lover will be happy too; that’s why. Second, there is no such thing as a sex formula. The only constraint is that you do not inflict on your partner any injury, suffering, or discomfort. Therefore, everything that gives pleasure is a friend rather than a foe.

Display of different sex toys


The word “homophobia” is used to describe a wide range of hostile attitudes and feelings against homosexuality or people who identify as or are assumed to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Its traits include contempt, bias, disdain, animosity, or aversion. It could be driven by irrational fear, and it might also be shaped by religious beliefs. If you exhibit any of these behaviours, consider yourself a homophobe.

The problem with homophobia is that it causes people to justify violating the basic human rights of others. A person should not be harmed because of their sexual orientation. This is one of the most heinous acts imaginable. Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine a society where homosexuality prevailed as the dominant sexual orientation. It thus becomes the “cultural” or “default” setting. Heterosexuality (male-female pairings) occurs as the minority orientation in such a culture. Keep in mind that we are still making assumptions. You are now a heterosexual living in this culture. Unlike the majority, you are an outlier. The majority continuously reminds you that being heterosexual is unacceptable. You will be assaulted “legitimately” if you are discovered engaging in male-female sexual relations!

Two groups of people quarreling

Meanwhile, the government has passed legislation making heterosexual relationships illegal. There are sporadic reports of attacks, rapes, and lynching of heterosexual people. You always live in fear that the whims of the crowd may take your life. Is it fair to ask if, as a homosexual, you would join the majority in discriminating against heterosexuals? Why should the corollary be accepted in any community if you wouldn’t? Why should someone be punished because of their sexual orientation? By Jove, I want one legitimate argument that justifies discriminating against and killing another person because of their sexual orientation!

In any case, why are homophobes offended by what two consenting adults do in their bedrooms?

Man shouting at a woman who is sitting on the floor

We’ve been discussing sex exclusively up until this point. Sex! Pleasure! Orgasms! Have you stopped to consider what it will be like to not experience pleasure? Since I am quite sexual, I honestly have no idea how that feels. I’m not talking about pain, which is the polar opposite of pleasure. I refer to the inability to experience pleasure. If I don’t cover the lowest end of pleasure, this post won’t be complete. Not everyone is interested in sex! Yes, some people do not find sex attractive, much less experience an orgasm. Asexual individuals fall into this category. Nature, like the sexual experience, is rich in variety. Something must be wrong with you if you bring up the subject of sex. If you don’t, there’s a problem as well. All right. You are not ill as long as you do not harm another human for the sole purpose of their sexual proclivities.

Man holding placard reading 'human rights!'

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse has become all too commonplace. It’s almost as though news of sexual assault is anticipated to round off the day. I don’t have to remind you of the numerous stories of uncles and fathers engaging in frequent sex acts with their nieces and children. If I divide all of my female friends into groups of 10, at least two of each group have been sexually molested. Sexual abuse is a reality. A close friend was raped often by relatives and teachers when she was a child. I saw what sexual abuse does to its victims first-hand! It’s an awful place to be. Sexual abuse has become a chronic epidemic.

When I asked my acquaintance if she had told her mother about the abuse from her uncles and instructors, I was surprised by her response. I was one of her few friends who was aware of her ordeal. She was chastised by her mother for reporting the first rape instance. Her mother shushed her, stating she didn’t want to sever the family’s bond or the uncle’s reputation. I listened with awe. Rape cases that occurred after that were kept secret. I won’t bore you with any more depressing stories about my female friends.

tears on the rolling down the cheeks of an abused woman

Consider the attitude toward victims of sexual assault. Where on earth could forcing a rape victim to marry the rapist seem like a viable solution to an expected pregnancy? When individuals advise this, they must recognize that consent to sex also has to include consent to pregnancy. It shouldn’t take you more than a second to realize this is bogus logic. Keep in mind that sex has two functions: reproduction and pleasure. Both require consent.

This is why, when people want sex for pleasure but not for reproduction, they use various kinds of contraception. These outlets have been imposed on rape victims. None of which consent was granted. That is why individuals who say that rape victims must have loved being raped because sex is enjoyable are foolish, heartless, silly, and implicit. Complete rubbish!

distressed woman hiding from abuser

The conclusion

In heterosexual interactions, nine out of 10 sexual encounters often favour males. Men are more likely than women to experience orgasm sooner. Energy diminishes as they attain climax, the third stage of the sexual response cycle. The refractory period, sometimes referred to as resolution, is the last stage. The body gradually reverting to normal functioning during this period is usual, as is the restoration of swollen and erect bodily parts to their original size and colour. It is accompanied by a general feeling of well-being, increased closeness, and, in many cases, exhaustion. When men are exhausted, they tend to forget to pleasure their partners. This leaves many women dissatisfied! And that’s unfortunate. Men should learn to spend more time in the first and second phases of the sexual response cycle. The woman’s journey toward climax is accelerated by this. The sexual response cycle will be the topic of a separate post.

Black couple sitting on a bed and kissing

Sex is an amazing experience. It has the power to either make or break you. Conversations about sex are required. Let us not distort it, yet enjoy it in secret. Communicate with your partner. If you have any health problems, get medical care. Sometimes the solution to your problem requires a medical investigation. Above everything, get out of here today and have an orgasm. Don’t worry if it makes you uncomfortable. Give someone else a good orgasm! Remember to always seek consent, lest you become a sexual abuser!

What’s next in Peter’s Box? ¡Hasta luego amigos! 

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