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In today’s post, I introduce you to Mowsis Putogo, a talented young Ghanaian comedian. Last Saturday, when he performed his first comedy special, he had me howling with laughter.

putogo mowsis holding a microphone on stage

Everything is funny by Putogo

Everything is Funny by Putogo. Everything was funny by Putogo. Everything will be funny by Putogo. What an amazing performance by Putogo! If I had missed his show, there is no way I could have forgiven myself. The fact is, I hadn’t bought a ticket yet simply because I wasn’t sure how my weekend would go. Though I hoped I had gotten enough rest after an extremely demanding week, my gut told me it was better to be exhausted and laugh my head off than to laze at home only to start another long week fatigued. After all, laughter is good medicine.

alisa comedy fiesta flyer
oheneba reviews putogo after alisa comedy fiesta perfomance

Who is Putogo?

I first met Putogo in 2022 at the Alisa Comedy Fiesta, an Augustin Dennis comedy special. I swore I would never miss any performance by Putogo after his quick, brilliant performance left me in pieces from tears of hysterical laughter. That’s how I forced my weary body out of bed on May 27, 2023, so I could see Putogo’s debut comedy special, Everything Is Funny. I thought I was the only one who adored Putogo! The turnout at Snap Cinemas was massive!

Don’t worry if this is your first time hearing about comedian Putogo. Comedy in Ghana has started to blossom once more, much as it did during the age of Fritz Baffours, David Oscar, KSM, etc., thanks to several seasoned comedians like OB Amponsah, Lexy De Comic, General Ntatia, Clemento Suarez, DKB, Foster Romanus, Funny Face, Oh-Joo, etc. According to DKB, Putogo was discovered at a comedy audition intended to promote up-and-coming comedians.

everything is funny flyer

In attendance

For those that attended Everything Is Funny and were curious about the whereabouts of OB Amponsah and Lekzy De Comic, they were touring with The Comedy Market in South Africa alongside Giovanni Caleb, presenter of Showbiz 360. Despite this, there were several celebrities, influencers, and comedians in attendance. I also ran into my friend Bernard The Magician, who had his first magic performance, Magic Within Me, the previous Saturday, May 20th. Comedians Real Papayaw and Ebenezer Dwomoh were also present.

audience laughing in auditorium 7

The show begins

This is how the show unfolded.

Clemento Suarez, an iconic and exceptionally talented Ghanaian comedian, addressed the audience with some witty banter. He did it with ease. Clemento also acknowledged Thelma Tackie, a co-host on the GTV Breakfast Show, who was in the audience with us. As is the custom for most comedy specials, other comedians are allowed to perform briefly in readiness for the comedian of the day.

Clemento Suarez MC at Everything Is Funny
audience laughing 1

Hilarious comedians

All the comedians were on top of their game. To name a few, there was Alo Wess, Augustin Dennis, Khemical, Unkwown, Kwame Obed, and Gaby Mens. Laughter flared up with every performance in the auditorium of Snap Cinema. The audience couldn’t stop themselves. Now and then, someone would let out a long, piercing chuckle. I was wondering if the audience had prepared for Putogo, the man of the night. During their performances, the majority of the comedians would gesture to the man sitting in the very first seat in the front row on the right side of the stage. They either asked him how he was doing or made a witty remark about him being there. I couldn’t make out the man’s face, but he appeared to capture the attention of the comedians who had ascended the stage. He must be that influential, I reasoned to myself.

Augustin Dennis on stage at Everything Is Funny
MJ the comedian on stage
Kwame Obed performing at Everything Is Funny
Alo Wess on stage at Everything Is Funny
comedian at Everything Is Funny 1
kofi kinaata in audience
kofi kinaata laughing at jokes by putogo

The mystery man in the front

For the second half of the show, Clemento passed the microphone to MJ the comedian. MJ’s energy level was unrivalled! With his beautiful dreads cascading across his face, he danced to some music and enthralled us with some entertaining dance moves. The moment he asked for a popular song to be played, I understood why the comedians were so enamoured with the man in the front row. The DJ dropped the tune, and MJ started dancing and rocking to it. Then he invited the mysterious man in the front to the stage to perform the song he was grooving to.

Lo and behold, it was the king of Takoradi, known as the sensible musician, the musician who is loved by all—Kofi Kinaata. Kofi performed Effiakuma Love with his humble and uncomplicated attitude. The night was only beginning! The next in line was Putogo. Many people left their houses that Saturday night to visit Snap Cinemas because of him. I could hardly wait! Already, the comedians had made us choke on laughter.

Kofi Kinaata on stage at Everything Is Funny
Play Video about kofi kinaata performs effiakuma love at everything is funny - a putogo comedy special

Putogo's epic entrance

I was not surprised that during his introduction to the stage by the Co-MC, Putogo received a standing ovation from the audience! Wait a second! His performance hadn’t yet started. Putogo hadn’t even said his first joke of the night when he received a standing ovation. He earned another standing ovation after the show. What a night!

The lights were turned off. Everyone reached for their phones and switched on the torch. The room glowed like the starry sky. “Putogo! Putogo! Putogo!” we joyfully sang. We sounded like fans cheering for their team in a stadium! In a final wave of ecstasy, we roared throughout the auditorium as MJ invited Putogo onto the stage.

When the lights returned to life, there was Putogo in front of the elevated stage, just a stride away from the front rows. He was slouching against the stage’s front, which was just above his waist, with his back against it. As we waited impatiently for his first words, there was a moment of stillness. It was his day today—his debut comedy show. In his all-black attire, like a warrior ready to break through frontiers, his gaze travelled from the left file through the middle file to the right file, where I sat.

torch light display
putogo leads audience in lighter display
Play Video about dark cinema room with red seats
Putogo on stage at Everything Is Funny 1

A brilliant delivery

Then he did his thing! Oh my! With Putogo, every minute features sharp punch lines linked to one another in a plot that seamlessly transitions into another; thus, there are too many jokes for me to remember all of them. When he is on stage, do not blink. He has a magician’s touch. As the Queen of Events, Oheneba Yaa Sarpomaa, put it on her Facebook wall, ‘Put (short for Putogo) literally doesn’t allow you exhaust laughing on one joke, and bam! Another. If care is not taken you will miss out on those one-liners while laughing at the previous one.’

She had it right. I missed out on a couple since I was too busy laughing at his punches. My rowmates were completely lost. One punchline had my rowmate groan with laughter, put his head on his lap, and wrap his arms over his knees. Putogo is witty, unassuming, smart, cunny, and deadly serious. How does he maintain a neutral expression throughout his jokes? And when he laughs, it’s because he enjoys seeing the sweet suffering of his confined audience, who can’t get up for his next joke. At the Alisa Comedy Fiesta, he performed similarly.

Putogo on stage at Everything Is Funny
fans applauding putogo 1
oheneba's review of putogo's performance at Everything Is Funny
peter and gemini sitting together at Everything Is Funny

DSTV comedian

I’ve come up with a name for him. I call him the DSTV comedian. D for dead serious delivery. S for stylish storytelling. T for timely and tactical, and V for voice variety. Putogo is an outstanding comedian. Like DSTV, he creates high-quality content. His tone is businesslike. Direct and to the point. His humour sticks in your mind because he tells stories in a relatable way. His punchlines are strategically placed to steal time from you. After nearly 45 minutes of wild laughter, I still wanted more. I yearned for more. The Black Sheriff of Ghanaian comedy is Putogo.

He is a shining star. Guess what transpired in the auditorium after his performance? A beautiful wave of standing ovations and heart-warming cheers. The night was stunning. Two standing ovations. I hadn’t even noticed when he was done. I couldn’t get enough.

fan cheering putogo 2
fan cheering putogo 1
putogo standing ovation 1

The Black Sheriff of comedy

DKB mounted the stage to offer his kind words to the star of the night. Other comedians joined him in front to give him a standing ovation. He earned it. That’s what The Black Sheriff of Ghana Comedy deserves! Putogo has delivered his first sermon! He’s a fortified soldier ready to travel the world. Fortunately, DKB and the comedy fraternity will host Comedy Express in two weeks. The list of performers includes Putogo. If you haven’t seen him perform before, you can go see him. Comedy Express is a regular comedy program that DKB and the comedy community host to advance comedy in Ghana. Make it a point to go, and you’ll confirm that Putogo is the man of the moment.

Producing the show was an excellent move by Blaqq Quophy and the Pebble Team. Download Pebble from Playstore or scan the picture below to stream Everything Is Funny.

scan the QR code to download the Pebble app

The comedy fraternity

Ghanaian comedians are extremely supportive of one another; it’s wonderful! Big ups to Clemento Suarez, OB Amponsah, Lekzy De Comic, Augustin Dennis, and all the rising comedians for delivering outstanding performances and making comedy in Ghana a tourist attraction.

putogo poses with fans after show
peter and gemini on the gallery ground at Everything Is Funny
Freddy Mawuli reviews Putogo Mowsis
Jacinta Ocansey reviews Putogo
Naa Adjeley Shuga reviews Putogo
nero reviews putogo
oheneba, dwomoh and putogo after performance

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