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Kantian ethics is a moral philosophy named after the philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kantian ethics is also known as Kantianism. Kant was a German philosopher.
A weighted lottery is an activity that provides each individual in a group with an equal opportunity to be included in the final outcome of a decision.
There are two kinds of utilitarianism: act utilitarianism vs rule utilitarianism. There is a contrast between strong rule and weak rule in rule utilitarianism.
Utilitarianism is the moral philosophy that says we must do whatever produces the most pleasure for the largest number of individuals in every scenario.
A logical fallacy that leverages the authority status of a personality to reject or accept a claim as true or false is known as an appeal to authority. Three variables must be present in an appeal to authority for the error to be legitimate. They are information, authority, and dismissal
An argument from silence is a logical fallacy that uses the lack of a response to a claim to reject or accept the claim as true or untrue.
An argument from incredulity uses the inability to comprehend or conceive how a claim may be true or untrue as the basis to reject or accept a claim as true.
An argument from ignorance is a logical fallacy I like to call the ‘you can’t prove me wrong’ fallacy. You will understand why in a second. An argument from...
Bless me with the right shutter speed and aperture. Do not let my battery mock me when victory is near. Let there be light so that I may not sin with my ISO.
In her comment, she stated: Feminists are not looking for a world or society where women are the ones in charge. We are only advocating for equal playing field.
WordUp is an application that boosts your level of vocabulary using simple and effective learning methods to practise new words and reinforce challenging ones.
Diaries of a Male Feminist is a feminist story. I am a feminist who happens to be male. Feminists are expected to be female, right? What makes a man a feminist?