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Akuvi Aguedze is a Ghanaian protest writer, poet, and feminist. Akuvi Aguedze's work focuses on advocating for women, children, and vulnerable people.
What do atheists believe in? Most atheists believe that the most reliable tools for navigating life are reason, science, and humanity.
My first attempt at publishing a documentary, Toastmaster Fest 1.0, turned out to be eye-opening, invigorating, worthwhile, and successful.
Your name echoes through the silence of my heart My life hollows at the sudden love apart Is not love supposed to last forever tell me How we got opposed in
Are you wondering why you enjoy the sweet fragrance that hits you as you pass by some people? Discover some fascinating facts with Sensational Fragrance Hub.
A day of mourning in the sullen breeze of helplessness Israel bokheh Israel cries out We were taken hostage by lawlessness From a past built on facelessness
Things you should know before buying life insurance are crucial to making an educated decision. Many people get life insurance for the wrong reasons.
Fintech with Jeremy Quainoo is as simple as it gets. Jeremy is an established banking and fintech executive with over a decade of experiences in fintech.
Oh Gaza you are stripped of your mothers Leaving the land bare with blood, babies and rubble Under the scorching sun that glazes the backs of your fathers
Improve your life with these applications. Let's face it: the rapid pace at which the world is progressing might leave one feeling inadequate and overwhelmed.
Ghana Man believes he knows the solution to Ghana’s perennial problems. He believes this solution will not only work for Ghana but also every country on earth.
A Romance With Chronic Pain? Isn't it a rather bittersweet title for a book? The title is as captivating as the words in the book and the author's journey.